Considered as one of the best rubber vulcanizing agents, insoluble sulfur is a type of sulfur, which is insoluble in CS2. 4. Mainly there are two types of insoluble available in the market, oil-filled and non-oil-filled. 

In Tire manufacturing, insoluble sulfur is an important additive, which is used to improve the quality of the product. Not just this but it also helps to increase the wearability and resistance of tires to fatigue and aging. 

Apart from tire manufacturing, insoluble sulfur is also used for the manufacturing of automobile rubber parts, rubber pipe, cable, wire insulating materials, latex, and shoes.

Insoluble sulfur offers non-blooming characteristics to rubber products. This makes it best for the manufacturing of radial rubber and other synthetic rubber products. By avoiding blooming in rubber, insoluble sulfur reveals the great potential of the use of rubber and its products.