Launching a celebrity video messaging app like Cameo

Gone are the days when celebrities were elusive and getting to connect with them was very rare. Celebrity video messaging apps have revolutionized this and enable the celebrities and their fans to connect with each other easily. Using the celebrity video messaging app like Cameo, many celebrities are providing birthday endorsement videos to their fans, and the users are also able to surprise their loved ones with these kinds of videos.

Let us look at few key features in running the processes of a cameo clone app

1.Initutive panel
Admin can monitor all the processes taking place in the cameo clone app. The admin panel has a bird’s eye view and contains all the necessary information in one common platform.

2.Manage users
The admin can manage the user’s data and look for the authentication to ensure safety behavior rules in the app

3.Manage celebrities
Admin can view the celebrities and check for the authentication. After which the admin can provide the celebrities with the verification badge to denote that it is an official account.

4.Analytics and reports
An advanced analytical report is generated with detailed insight. This keeps the admin informed and helps them update on the business decisions.

5.Manage notifications
The alerts concerning the app updates can be updated and sent to the users via push notification.

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