As everything has become digital it is the same for education. The advent of the internet and various other technologies have been a constant source of enhancements in the education sector. Anyone can access any type of education material online. That too the online educational apps have started lifting their heads to provide contents right from school kids to professionals. Of the popular educational apps, the Online learning app like Coursera is setting trends in bringing quality education to people at a nominal cost.

The huge hype for the online learning apps like Cousera triggered business evangelists to invest in Coursera like app development. Let us now see the features of the app that makes business professionals stick with this app to promote their business.

Course certification– The best part of the app is that it accredits the user with e-certificates. Providing e-certificates will encourage the user to pursue more content from the app.

Course catalogue– The app is a repository of multiple courses subjecting to different domains. The main objective of the app is to provide a range of courses covering different domains.

Download lectures– The highlight of the app is that it allows users to download their favourite courses/lectures to access it later.

Quiz section– The app has a dedicated section for quizzes that will help users to enhance their knowledge. 


Appdupe develops a similar version of the app called the Coursera clone incorporated with interesting features through which users can access various courses.