Launch a successful eCommerce platform like Groupon :
Establishing an eCommerce platform in the market is now considered as a profitable business opportunity by all the entrepreneurs. Bringing all the vendors to a single place will help users shop conveniently without switching apps. Business owners and vendors can also earn an income on a regular basis with an ecommerce platform. As a business person, if you wish to go ahead with this idea, then you can opt for the Groupon like app to launch your business in the market.

What are the panels available in the app?
The app should have four distinct panels based on the roles available: customer, vendor, delivery executive, and the admin. Let us have a look at what each of these panels can do.

Customer app:
Customers should be allowed to sign up with the app and take a look at the list of products available for sale. Multiple search filters and other options can be included to help them find the items they require easily. They should be able to place requests for the products via the app and track the requests whenever required.

Vendor panel:
Vendors can increase their online presence with the help of an online platform like Groupon. They should be able to upload the list of products they sell to the app along with details such as price, photos, availability, and more. After the commission cut-down, they should receive their earnings to their bank accounts.

Delivery executive panel:
Delivery executives should be allowed to register with the app and complete the verification process successfully. They can collect the products from vendors and deliver them to customers successfully.

Admin panel:
The admin has complete control of the process and manages everything efficiently. The admin will have access to all data, reviews, and more.

Bottom line:
Include these crucial panels in your Groupon like app to make it successful in the one-demand market. Get in touch with the best company to build an eCommerce platform now.