Launch A Audio Streaming App With Spotify Clone App Development

The music industry has adapted to the growing users in streaming apps like Spotify, Apple Music, etc. Songs are now significantly shorter, and the number of tracks is averagely more in each album released. This change is indicative of the fact that artists now want to create content suitable for popular media streaming platforms like Spotify or Youtube Music.

The industry is growing more fond of smaller streaming platforms for artists to get exposure and reach than compete for the top spot in one forum. This is a great time to invest in an audio streaming platform that differs from the rest to become a massive success in the market. Appdupe has an excellent Spotify app clone script designed to precisely that. Here are some cool features the clone app has that might get you to take the next step towards your business venture.

Offline listening
Users can get their favourite songs offline just to be prepared for the unfortunate event of getting stuck with no internet connection.
Smart searching
Smart searches go farther than just search keywords; it finds results that are more suited to the user based on their search history.
Multiple payment modes
Users can pay for a subscription with almost any means of payment they want, except for COD. Nobody has an answer for that yet.
Group music
Put all music together in one place. It’s easier to follow the users’ interests, whether it is a playlist, artists, radios or a single song.
Social sharing
This will allow more users to discover your platform and take further advantage of the exposure.