Unlike other delivery services, food delivery services occupy a predominant position among people. This massive reception of the industry is mainly attributed to the third-party food delivery platforms that have expanded its operation to almost the nooks and corners of the world. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, food delivery platforms experience mixed reception among the audience. While a considerable number of people feel it safe to avail doorstep deliveries, some still hesitate to do so.

UberEats has recently unveiled the Cravings Report 2020, highlighting unique food trends, requests, etc., prevailing among customers for the past 12 months. For an entrepreneur looking to launch an UberEats Clone, the report provides quality insights on the market. Let’s look at some of the crucial takeaways from the report here,

Users need to provide special instructions 

Many food delivery apps fail to integrate this feature. People will look to provide special instructions to both restaurants and delivery executives. Amid the crisis, users can direct delivery executives to place their food orders at a place in front of their homes, instruct restaurants to provide a double layer of packaging through this special instructions feature.

Relief fund matters 

In these unforeseen circumstances, the least a food delivery platform can do is organize relief funds to its delivery workers and restaurants. This way, an UberEats Clone can boost the service providers’ morale, enabling them to provide best-in-class services in the future.

Food trends depend on the geographical location 

One of the crucial aspects to consider in app development is market research. Even a popular and successful app can fail miserably in a particular locality without extensive research. Hence, it is advisable to develop an app that suits the customer expectations of a specific region.

Having a feedback system can make all the difference

An UberEats Clone needs to have the ratings and reviews feature to supervise the quality of its services. This feedback mechanism is a useful tool to enhance the sustainability of a food delivery platform. By improving service standards, the app can adapt to dynamic user preferences.

Wrapping up, 

With the situation not expected to return to normal anytime soon, people are starting to adapt themselves to the ‘new’ normal. With perfect safety standards and developed according to the latest market trends, a food delivery platform is bound to succeed among the audience. Launch your UberEats Clone app today!