Key factors to consider during the Fiverr clone app development
Fiverr like app offers a new age methodology of finding the required services. People can easily search for the products they require in the search tab and they can find it. Nowadays, organizations are hiring people for short-term projects through these apps. An app like Fiverr is going to be the future for online micro-lancing sites. Here are some of the key attributes to consider while developing a Fiverr clone script.

Factors to consider while developing a marketplace like Fiverr

Customer retention: The app should provide attractive offers and discounts for the services they offer so that more customers are lured towards these platforms. The attractive offers like the subscription model will ensure customers use the apps regularly.
Communications channels: Every transaction in the Fiverr like the app is based on negotiation between professional service providers and the users in order to understand the terms and conditions of the services. There is a need for effective communications channels so that there aren’t any misunderstandings. Some of the popular means adopted by major apps are:
Video/voice calls

Gain customer trust: After every transaction, a digital invoice should be provided to the customers. These act as proof and also makes it easier for the customer to maintain the records digitally.
Meeting market standards: It is a very competitive market so there is a need to standardize the app to meet the increasing demand of the customers. Do a thorough analysis to know the features offered by your competitors and try to provide them.
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