The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the food industry by some margin. It has made restaurants consider that delivery and takeaways as their primary revenue stream. By doing so, food delivery services are gaining the limelight once again. People can enjoy their favorite meal from their desired restaurants from the comfort of their homes. Third-party food delivery platforms are surging amid the crisis, with restaurants signing up with them at an alarming pace.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to set foot into the market with an UberEats Clone, this is the time to capitalize on it. You can join hands with local restaurants and lend them a helping hand. It is a win-win situation for both restaurants and app owners as restaurants can enhance their visibility and supplement their sales while app owners boost their ROI significantly.

The strategy of UberEats: 

In 2019, UberEats unveiled a brilliant approach to lure the restaurants towards signing up towards its platform. Let’s take a quick tour of what happened here,

  • UberEats announced that restaurants can have their self-delivery chain to provide delivery services. Before that, the platform assigns delivery executives from its own chain.
  • With the aid of this self-delivery service tool, restaurants can enjoy the revenue in the form of a delivery fee, as well.
  • Almost 78% of the UberEats restaurants are of the small and medium scale range.
  • By signing up with these platforms, they can enhance their sales by at least 10% of their total revenue.

The strategy of your UberEats Clone: 

You can join hands with numerous restaurants by adopting various strategies. Rolling out the self-delivery services option is one of the many strategies that you can implement. Some include,

  • Variable commission scale: A small-scale restaurant cannot give up the same percentage of commission as a top-performing one. Hence, you can opt for a variable commission scale, wherein you can fix commission percentages based on the performance of restaurants.
  • Restaurant management dashboard: Besides accepting or turning down user requests, ensure that you provide a seamless and intuitive inventory management dashboard. Restaurant owners get to manage their activities without any hassle with this UberEats Clone.

Summing up, 

With restaurants seriously considering to sign-up with food delivery platforms, make sure that they sign up with your platform with these strategies. Joining hands with local restaurants can pave the way for instant, contamination-free deliveries at customers’ doorsteps. Launch your UberEats clone today!