What is a video chat application? You cannot get a definite answer from Google. Yet, I found one: a video chat app allows us to communicate with other people through the internet as if you were face to face.


Video chats have become even more popular since most of us are locked in apartments and even countries. We cannot travel, we cannot gather with all our friends and relatives, but we can always use a video chat to communicate. It’s an excellent market to invest in or even create your own product. Moreover, when numbers speak for themselves. According to FortuneBusinessInsights the global conferencing software market grew up to billions this year and it keeps growing due to the high demand of video chat software.


So, it’s a good idea to jump into this business and provide a unique video chat application solution. The article how to develop a video chat app might help you with it.


And since i am also in the software development market, i am here to share the steps you should make to wrap up your idea:


  1. Write down your idea somewhere (it can be a sheet of paper or Word Doc).
  2. Try to search for similar video applications and try them out.
  3. Create a two-column list with the features you like and you don’t like. It’ll be the basis of your business requirements document.
  4. Choose the most popular apps you tested and make a basic marketing research. You need to determine what will make your video chat app different from others.
  5. Sum up all this in one document and go forward to find the development team that can do it for you.


If you don’t have enough in your pocket consider investment or partnership opportunities. Nevertheless, if your idea is cool and you have conducted a detailed research you can always sell it to somebody.