Instagram Clone- A Well-crafted Social Media App

Instagram, a popular photo-sharing platform, has become a favorite option for youngsters to share their photos, videos, and reels. The app has garnered a huge user base among people, followed by Facebook. This has caught the attention of many entrepreneurs to develop a similar app like Instagram. If you are one of those entrepreneurs, I would like to share some basic features to be carried out in your Instagram clone app.

Must-have features to be incorporated in the Instagram clone app.

The following are the essential features that are not to be missed out in your Instagram clone app,

Swift registration

To get started with the app, the first step is to register with the app. The user registration process should be simple and convenient for people. So, develop a simple registration process for the users to log in swiftly.

Home screen

The home screen is an essential feature to include in your Instagram clone app because this is the page where the users can view the posts and feeds posted by those people they follow.

Search module

The advanced search option helps the users to search any profiles and channel names instantly. The app will list the top results to the users and select any of those options.

Upload media
Though Instagram clone is a photo-sharing app, the app should have the liberty to upload their photos and videos through their smartphones.

Profile view of the users

The users can view their profiles through the app. The detailed profile will list the posts made by the users with a complete list of their followers and people followed by the users. This feature will help the users know their activity in the app.

Summing up,

Social media is an excellent platform for entrepreneurs to flourish in their businesses. So, adopt the right strategies and business model for launching your Instagram clone app.