Induce the idea of reselling the products online with Letgo clone software

In this era of super-cool technological advancements, establish a platform that will allow users to sell their used products. To aid with this concept, at Appdupe, we build a Letgo clone script that gathers buyers and sellers in a single platform. The seller will list their used-products in the catalog. The buyer can access the catalog and purchase the desired products.

The feature-set of our Letgo clone software:
Hassle-free login- The user can log into the app by providing the mandatory details like name, email address, contact number, etc. The user can also log in with social media handles. The admin will verify the account details of the user.
Ductile payment options- The user can opt for any of the payment options like credit/debit cards, COD, etc.
Catalog- The seller will list the products under the catalog and the buyer can select the desired products from the catalog.
Analytics- With the analytics, the admin can track the in-app behavior of the user and optimize the app accordingly.

The revenue model of the Letgo clone software:

Commission- You can earn a commission by charging a nominal fee from the seller.
Promotional content- Sellers can run promotional campaigns to publicize their products on your platform. This will be additional revenue.
Advertisements- You can host advertisements for third parties by integrating Google Ads/Flash Mob on your platform.

At Appdupe, we provide budget-friendly solutions for your business needs. We offer white-labeled, customizable, and scalable solutions to align with your requirements.