Digital revolution has boosted a lot of industries, one of the biggest growth was noticed in the ride-hailing business. The on-demand service industry is booming worldwide, many big names have entered the market and successfully established themselves in the ride-hailing business. Uber is ruling the ride-hailing industry. They are constantly innovating and implementing new technology within the application. We all travel on a daily basis, and nowadays the majority of people prefer taxi’s over their own cars. This shows how popular the ride-hailing business is and it is expected to grow at a double rate by the year 2022. This future prediction and current demand for this business, have attracted a lot of young entrepreneurs and startups to have a look towards mobile app development like uber. To compete with big names like ola, Lyft, Uber, New businesses need to innovate and develop a refined uber clone app. By coming up with a new application, it is likely to gain more attention from the users. Before developing one for your business, let’s see how uber clone mobile application works.

Working Mechanism of Application

User Registration: Users can register themselves directly with their social media account or phone numbers. The registration process should be simple so each user can easily register their account.

Taxi Booking: After registration, customers should book a taxi ride conveniently. Application should provide an auto-generated demo for first time users.

Live Tracking: Clone script should have a GPS system integrated, this allows admin, Users, and Rider to locate the current vehicle location.

Real-time Notification: Riders should receive promotional offers, ride acceptance notification, discount coupons, etc. Drivers should receive a ride request, ride cancellation notification, monthly earning emails, etc.

Reviews and Ratings: After completion of the ride, customer and drivers can rate their ride experience. This is in the form of star ratings. By knowing your business strengths and weaknesses you can grow and sustain in the market for the long run


Developing a custom application is not an easy task, if you are a startup or new in business building an application from scratch will be very costly and time-consuming. Therefore, it is recommended to go for a ready-made Uber clone script, it is cost-efficient and can quick start your business quickly.