Ride-hailing business is booming worldwide, entrepreneurs are searching for the most profitable businesses. One name that has attracted startups and entrepreneurs is taxi business. Revolution in the taxi industry was started by Uber, they came up with a mobile application. This application concept went viral and was accepted by millions of people. This concept transformed uber as a billion-dollar company. Earlier taxi booking was not an easy task, Riders have to visit taxi stands for cab booking. But this process is now transformed by the innovation of mobile applications. Taxi booking applications became so popular, that traditional taxi business owners shifted from traditional to a modern approach. A lot of startups have successfully established their brands all around the world. This success rate has attracted a lot of young minds and businesses to invest in Uber Clone app development. 

Features to Lookout in Uber Clone App

Easy Registration: The registration process should be simple. Easy login through social media accounts is preferred by many users.

The estimated amount for the ride: This allows users to know the amount they need to pay to avail the ride. This amount is based on algorithms and can be set under the admin panel.

Instant Notifications: Notification should be sent instantly, as they keep the rider and driver informed about latest promotions, coupons, ride details.

Secured Payment Gateways: Your application should have all advanced payment methods like Paypal, Credit card/Debit card, UPI.

Cost for Building an App Like Uber

We know taxi applications as one application, but in background 3 panel works simultaneously to make business operations run smoothly. These panels are Admin Panel, Customer App, Driver App.

Let’s discuss the estimated amount taken by app experts in various countries:

INDIA: $15-$60 Per Hour

USA: $50-$250 Per Hour

UK: $50-$150 Per Hour