An Epson printer in an error state can be caused by a number of problems. Since this is a really common problem, it is difficult to fix. If an Epson printer error occurs, the message – “The printer is in an error state. Fix the device error and try again. ”

If you saw the message on your own printer, you can read this definitive guide on how best to fix Epson printer in error state.

Step 1: Check all connections.

Check equipment for loose connections. Check that the main power cord from the AC adapter is properly connected to the printer. Also check that the cable from the printer is properly connected to the computer.

Remove all wires and wash each one to eliminate any dust or allergens that could obstruct the connection.

If you have a wireless printer, make sure each of your wireless routers and links is appropriate.

If you have a network printer, there may be a problem with your network relationship. Call your system administrator to make sure each wire is properly added.

As soon as you are sure that the wiring is correct, restart the printer. This should usually fix problems immediately. Otherwise, please follow the steps below.

Step 2: Reinstall / update the notebook.

Perhaps you have upgraded to a newer version, or even an old printer driver may not be helpful at this time. Therefore, in order to understand how to fix Epson printer error, you need to reinstall and uninstall the driver. You can use the disk that came with the printer to configure the driver.

If reinstalling the driver did not fix the problem, you can try updating the driver. You can visit the Epson official website to check the latest drivers available. Search the site for your printer model number. Download the driver designed for your printer, and then install it on the system.

Step 3: Our Own – Windows Troubleshooter.

Using the Windows troubleshooter is the final choice for an Epson printer malfunction. Go to Device Manager on your system and find the selected printer. Expand your printer selection and search for your own printer.

Right-click your own printer on your computer and click Troubleshoot. This may open a troubleshooter that looks for possible responses to a printer failure. The Windows troubleshooter isn’t a foolproof alternative, but it’s worth a try. If none of the above options worked, the Windows troubleshooter will likely work just fine.

Step 4: When nothing is able to solve the problem.

The last and final alternative would be to contact customer service. Go to the official Epson website and search for the nearest service center. Call the service center and explain your problem. Customer service representatives will help you.