The world is moving at a fast pace, people want quick solutions for their needs. This demand was fulfilled by the development of a multi-service Gojek clone app. People are living hectic lives, they avoid going out for their daily needs, offering all these on-demand services directly at their doorstep is what they wish for. Offering all services with one application can give a great boost to your business. Nowadays, people are more reliant on their phones for their daily needs, from grocery to medicine, every brand has their custom app available on all platforms. So offering on-demand service with one application is a great concept and startups should invest in such app development. 

Priority Feature of Gojek Clone should have:

Multiple Payment Option: Your application should have all the advanced payment options, this feature gives wider options to the users. This makes users feel more comfortable while paying for their services. 

Real-time tracking: Our Gojek Clone comes with google Maps integrated within the application. This feature offers trackability of service providers and the users. This overall increases the safety of your customers. 

Chat Support: Choose a script that allows users and service providers to chat within the app, this feature is very handy and can save time for both users and service providers. 

Instant Notification: This feature informs both users and service providers regarding the request. Every time request is placed, the service provider’s application gets notifications about the service request. Users get notifications every time on the service request confirmation, latest offers, coupons.

White-labelled: This gojek clone script is white-labeled, this ensures it can register under your own brand name and logo.

Gojek Clone App Module

User application that will be available for both ios and android.

Application for Service Provider to manage daily requests.

Effective Admin Panel to ensure efficient daily operations.


It is a great idea to invest in such an effective concept, to turn your business into a brand, invest in application features that are best suited for your business. To make this possible hire an app development company or experienced app developer team.