Fast moving and hectic lives have led to many innovations, sometimes these innovations succeed and sometimes they fail. Technology advancement is booming worldwide. People prefer to book all services with the application, every business has their own custom mobile application. On-demand business is on boost worldwide because of this pandemic. So it is the best time to develop your own multi-service app like gojek. There are a lot of ready-made scripts available in the market, make sure you choose as per your business requirement and budget. Gojek company was one of the first companies to implement all-in-one concept into reality. This application have become popular quickly and started trending in app and google play store. Many startups and entrepreneurs have invested in same multi-service application development. Check out how many services you can offer with one application.

Offer 52+ Services With One App (3 Major Categories)

Ride-hailing Services: This Gojek Clone App allows you to offer taxi ride service, motor ride service, car rental service, Motor rental service effectively. Ride-hailing business is one of the most demanding and popular businesses worldwide.


Delivery Service: You Can offer direct delivery services to your customers. Now start delivering food, grocery, courier, logistics, medicine, and flowers directly to your customer’s doorsteps.


Other Services: Not only these services, you can offer babysitting services, doctor consultations, plumber booking, home beauty services, carpenter, and lot of other services as well.

Right Time to Offer Multi-Service 

This pandemic has increased the overall demand of these services, People avoid going outside. If you are offering all the services with one application, there is a high possibility of your business success. Make sure you choose trusted app development company for such specialized mobile app development.