The rise in on-demand transportation services sparked the potential opportunities in it. Although services like Uber and Ola lead the competition, there are still scope for other applications to make their way to the top in the market. 

However, the sole reason for the rapid success of Uber and Ola is their innovative ideas as well as their persistence to experiment with them. The immense attention from the masses they have right now is due to their strategies.

So there arises a question, What are the features that an application should have in

order to rise itself to the top tier in spite of the immense competition from the existing giants? 

The features that are considered to push an application to the top tier are:

Promoting transparency between drivers and commuters

    The pickup location and the drop-off location is entered in the application, then the user will be connected to the driver in the closest proximity to our location. We are offered the feature to track the driver’s current location in the application which is updated in real time. But this doesn’t work efficiently in many cases and this has been a serious issue in both the applications, which also affects the mindset of the commuter. 

So in order to increase the accuracy of the position instead of using A-GPS on the phones, the application can be connected to a GPS chip which is far more efficient.

Introducing newer pricing concepts 

    Uber and Ola have been using the traditional way of collecting charges for the trip. Instead of that, innovative methods like cryptocurrency can be used to collect the charges. Newer loyalty reward programs can be introduced for customers to keep them engaged. The cycle for cashback and random rewards should be made regular. This increases the engagement of the users and your application will make an impact in the market.

Explore other possibilities

    Always be on the lookout for opportunities and possibilities. Right from making your application more user friendly to making your application more accessible, there are quite a lot of possibilities to explore out there. Build your application in such a way that it compromises all the functionalities and attributes that every modern commuter out there needs.


    Most importantly build your app to be futuristic as well as adaptable to the modern day to day innovations. You should be driven with the possibilities that you can offer in a single application for your customers and update them regularly. The application should be advanced yet simple and well crafted which is the ideal preference for every potential customer out there.