Gone are the days, when we had to wait for a taxi on the stand. Every business is online in today’s era. Every service is available on the mobile application, From Grocery to Medicine, this digital revolution has started in every field of business. Let’s talk about the hottest and the most demanding business worldwide. Taxi business is booming worldwide and it is expected to grow at a double rate in the future. Revolution of the taxi industry was started by Uber. They came up with an advanced feature-rich taxi booking application, which has gained popularity very quickly. A lot of startups have successfully established their brand competing directly with big names. Such huge demand has attracted a lot of startups and entrepreneurs to invest in uber-like app development. This solution works on a simple mechanism that is to connect the driver with the rider. Let’s discuss it deeply.

Uber Clone App user flow chart

Passenger Flow Chart: User needs to select the map location, where they want to proceed. Script has an in-built GPS system.

Estimated amount is reflected within the application, so the user knows how much they need to pay to avail the ride.

Passengers can pay for the ride as per their choice. The application has a built-in secured and advanced payment gateway.

The rider can review the ride and leave feedback for the driver.


Driver Flow Chart: User ride request is reflected to the nearest available driver automatically. On accepting the ride request, rider location popup on driver application. Driver revenue report can be seen on the driver application.


Such a productive and multi-feature application needs years of experience to develop. Always trust experienced app development companies or app developer teams. It is also recommended if you are new in business go for an uber clone script as it is cheaper in comparison to developing an application from scratch.