A Quick Guide to Fixing the “Epson Printer Does Not Print” Problem
In most cases, the Epson printer stops printing suddenly. Therefore, in this guide, we have explained all the reasons why your Epson printer won’t print. Thus, we explained the detailed simple steps to resolve this matter.


First of all, we will write down explanations for the most common question, “why doesn’t my Epson printer print anything correctly?” . Check with the points below-

The spooling service may have stopped due to an invalid link
The Epson printer is not connected well with the computer or other device.
The printer status is not set to “Default Printer”
as a result of an outdated or old printer driver, Epson has stopped printing.
Thoughts about dusty printers may cause this problem.
The Epson printer may be offline because the Epson printer may encounter a printing error.
Problem with all printer firmware.
Detailed Solutions for the Error “Epson Printer Does Not Print”
In case your Epson printer is not printing properly, follow the alternatives below –

Rate Epson Printer Spooling Service:

The spooling service handles printing as well as communication between your printer and your computer. If this support is disabled, you may have confronted your Epson printer with printing problems. Follow these steps to make sure it is working properly:

Open the “Run” dialog in Windows Search and type “services.msc” and click “OK”. Now the ceremony window will appear.
Scroll down the window and point to the “Print Spooler” option and double-click it.
In another popup, make sure that the startup type selection is set to “Automatic” and that the service status is operational.
If you did not select an automatic option, click the option and select “Automatic” from the drop-down menu, then click the “Start” button.
Then press the “OK” button
Perform a print test to see if your Epson printer is currently printing
Select the Epson printer as “Default Printer” should not be set correctly

As we mentioned in the previous segment, the Epson printer will stop working when the printer is not defined as default. Follow the instructions below to set the printer to the default style:

First of all, open the Control Panel in your own window.
Press about the alternative “Apparatus and printer”.
In another window, right-click your Epson printer, and then select “Set as Default Printer” from that list.
Hopefully, this alternative will solve the problem of incorrectly printing text on your Epson printer.
Update the outdated Epson printer driver

Using an old model printer driver can lead to printing problems with an Epson printer. Therefore, you need to update to the latest driver version by following these measures –

First of all, visit Control Panel> Device Manager
Locate the recorded printer and right click the printer title.
Select “Update driver selection” from the menu.
It will automatically search for the latest updated printer driver.
Then follow the step-by-step instructions on the screen to install the updated driver.
Clean the printhead. On the computer:

Follow these steps to clean the print head on a Windows computer

Visit “control panel” and select “device and printer”.
In another window, right-click the printer and select “Printing Preferences”
Then click “Maintenance” and then select “Head Cleaning”.
Then click the “run button” and follow the additional instructions on the screen.
By following the above mentioned measures, the problem with the printer “Epson Does Not Print” will be solved easily.

Disable the “Use Printer Offline” status:

The Epson printer will not print anything if “use printer offline” is selected. You can deselect this option by following these steps:

For starters, open the “Control Panel” from the Windows menu.
Then go to the menu “Equipment and printer”.
In the near future, right-click your Epson printer and the list will appear.
Now from here, check that there is no √ sign next to “Use Printer Offline”. If this mark is not present, deselect the selection by clicking on it. Your Epson printer will likely have the “Set as Default Printer” setting.
Finally, close the windows and order a test print from an Epson printer.
The Epson printer does not print black color ink
There are many themes that contain a brief answer to “why an Epson printer doesn’t print in black”. These reasons include:

Cartridge is black in color, but is empty – Therefore, make sure that the black ink is properly filled from the cartridge
You may not have eliminated the port tape in the cartridge – Remove that tape and wait until the black ink can just print.

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Make sure the cartridges are positioned correctly and correctly. -Remove the cartridges from the printer and reinsert them from the holder. Make sure you hear a click when inserting the cartridge.
Ink filters or vents may be clogged due to over-printing – To fix this, you want to cancel all print projects in the setup option and start printing.
The capsules are a bit older than 18 weeks – make sure the ink cartridge is not out of date.
The ink may have been stored in sunlight – consistently place the ink in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
Clear your thoughts about the printer to keep the printer running efficiently.
Assess the presence of malware or viruses on your computer – You need to wash your computer daily with excellent antivirus software before using the printer.
Assess printer spooler handling – it may be stopped, go to support preferences and restart it.
Hopefully the problem with the Epson printer not printing in black has now been resolved.

Conclusion – if your Epson printer doesn’t work every time you use your printer, this guide is just for you. By following the troubleshooting steps in the next guide, you will be able to fix an Epson printer that is not printing in black or text color. For additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.