Avast is a popular antivirus which is well-known for its free plan. Avast antivirus considered the best antivirus among the freeware. The premium plans of Avast antivirus are also budget-friendly and provide excellent tools. When you get the premium Avast plan on your device; you can easily use all the advanced Avast features for a year. But once the license expires, you have to renew the subscription. 

Avast also has an auto-renewal service that renews your Avast antivirus plan a month before expiration. If you don’t want to renew the Avast antivirus plan automatically then you can cancel Avast subscription and use the Avast plan until your license expires. You can renew the license manually. Avast provides good service to the user. But you may face few runtime errors with Avast antivirus from time to time. Avast error 1068 is a runtime error that mostly appears while scanning the PC.

Symptoms of Avast 1068 error:

  1. Your scanning process interrupts and Avast error 1068 appears on the screen
  2. Error 1068 appears while running a program. You can be getting this error with a particular program
  3. Every program freezes and an error message appears
  4. You are getting Avast error 1068 while opening and logging out the PC

Causes of Avast error 1068:

  1. Your Avast installation process gets corrupted
  2. A third-party program is conflicting with Avast setup
  3. Another antivirus is conflicting with Avast
  4. Broken Registry files
  5. Corrupted Windows files

Troubleshooting Avast Error 1608:

Remove the conflicting program

If your Avast error appears with a particular program that means the program is creating conflict with Avast antivirus. You get this error mostly when you have installed any third-party program or an unreliable game or editing software. Avast conflict error can also appear when you have another security program installed on your computer. When you get the Avast error 1608, immediately go to the applications and uninstall the conflicting programs. Press the Windows button from the keyboard and then type apps on the search bar. You will see all the programs installed on your PC. Now check all the programs and uninstall the one which is conflicting with Avast antivirus. Now restart the PC and scan your device with Avast antivirus.

Undo the changes

If Avast error is appearing with all the programs then you are getting this error due to any change in your settings. Sometimes the updates can also change the setting of your PC. Reverting the changes on the device will help to troubleshoot your error. If you remember all the changes you have made on your device then you can revert them manually. But if you are not sure then use the System restore tool of Avast antivirus. It is an inbuilt tool which automatically reverts all the changes. Run this tool on your Windows PC and create a restoring point. Then follow the on-screen commands for undoing the changes. Once complete, restart the PC and try to run Avast antivirus. If your antivirus is still showing errors then you should ask for technical help.

Restore the corrupted Windows files

If you are getting the error due to corrupted Windows files then you must restore all the corrupted files to fix the error. Use the System File Checker tool which automatically restores all the Windows files:

  1. Press the Windows button
  2. Type command on the search bar
  3. Hold Ctrl and Shift keys from the keyboard
  4. Press the Enter button
  5. You will see a command prompt
  6. Click on the Yes button
  7. Windows command screen will appear
  8. Type sfc/scannow on the command window
  9. Press the Enter button

This tool will scan for all the corrupted Windows files and restore them immediately. Now restart the PC and try to run Avast antivirus. If you are getting Avast 1068 error due to error on program files then you have to reinstall the Avast setup on your PC. Uninstall the Avast and delete all the related files. Now provide a fresh Avast installation on your PC.