A lot more businesses have started to incorporate the on-demand multi service app to achieve customer friendliness and high revenue generation in a short span. Even many services have even attained the bonding that they craved from their customers via mobile applications. Unlike traditional business where customers have to call and interact with service providers for their needs, the app has enabled a way where every possible communication can be done via chat and email easily. Businesses have also integrated an easy return option for customers (through single taps) who are not satisfied with the product, which thereby increases the trust and convenience.  But everything ends up on how you provide and approach your service to each end-customers. Only if you are able to provide the service properly, it is ensured that you can sustain in the market for a prolonged period. 

It is known that the on-demand market is gaining popularity in recent years and have attracted customers of all age groups. The latest research even revealed a report estimating the growth of users, which is said to increase by 22.4 million every year. Further, separate statistics and revenue turnovers on businesses that use mobile apps have also been calculated to know the growth. As a whole, it is found that the income will boost in billions in the coming years with a 6% increase every year. With such future growth, it is definitely the right time to develop and launch an app for your business. 

But there are also a few things that you should take care of if you are planning to provide the services via the app. Here, we have curated a few that you have to focus on during the business period. 

Know the current market trends:

Whether you are into food delivery or taxi service or any other type of on-demand business, it is essential to research and investigate the market and customers’ demands from time to time. Keeping an eye on these will certainly help you in developing new ideas to lead your business in the right way while gaining information about customer behaviors and requests clearly via the app.

Make sure to offer high-quality service:

To gain credibility it is important that you must provide a quality service. Not only does quality depends on the products or service that you provide but also on other factors like on-time delivery, accuracy, satisfaction, the approach of delivery persons, handling negative feedback, the response of issues, and support services. Ensure that you provide all these without any lack only then you can retain your potential customers for a long time. Once you achieve this, it is easy to grab attention. 

24/7 availability:

The essential aspect of on-demand service is not the service and its quality alone. You have to ensure that you are available throughout the day and night to cater to the needs of the customers. It is a crucial feature that will help you stand out in the market from a few other apps. Good quality service at any time will bring in more customers than high-quality service at limited hours. So, be there for the customer always.

Why having an app for your service will benefit you?

Considering the current status of the on-demand market, it is suggested that only an online app will give you instant success. People have apps for all their work to be done. So, if you are providing a service, the first expectation from their side is the ease of use. Your service should be a tap away. Launching an app for your service has the following advantages:


The location of the package or product or food can be monitored using the geo-location feature. It will display the live location of the delivery executive who will deliver the user’s order. The customer can also contact the agent in case they have any queries or additional instructions.

Payment gateway:

For the convenience of the customers, several payment gateways are included in the app. The user can use any one of the gateways and pay for the order easily. Most of the people prefer to go cashless nowadays, so this feature will be of greater help to them.

Simple process:

The customers do not have to take the effort of traveling to a place and buying what they want. They can order their favorite products or food in a single tap; the entire process of placing an order is made simple. A series of simple steps are involved in completing the procedure, and by the end of it, you would have placed the order successfully. The app lets you choose the products and provides a cart to add products or food items of your choice. Then, they have to navigate to the cart and proceed to the checkout process. The proceeding step is to choose a payment gateway and pay for the goods or the services that the users have availed. Cash on delivery option will also be available in the app.

Clone apps for all your needs:

So many apps that were cloned to offer a readymade solution at affordable rates. Apps such as Swiggy, Zomato, Uber, UberEats, Udemy, and more were cloned. If you do not want to manage several apps for each of your needs, then you can go for the GoJek Clone app that contains all the on-demand services in a single app.

Sometimes a user might get tired of navigating through each app to place orders, or the device might become too full, and customers will be finding reasons to delete a few apps. They do not have to worry about it anymore. They can make use of the GoJek Clone app for all their requirements.