How to Develop Your Own Fantasy Sports App Like Draftkings in 2021?

In this digital world, it is not difficult to find entertainment. As long as we have smartphones in our lives, there is no shortage of entertainment. While on one aspect, there are many video streaming services to keep us entertained, on the other aspect, it is the online gaming apps.

By letting users turn their craze into something more valuable, and especially money, apps like Draftkings are making quite a more prominent name in the sports betting industry. For aspiring entrepreneurs, there is a solution with us that will help you start the Draftkings clone app development in no time.

It is a replica of the standard company Draftkings and is exclusively developed for entrepreneurs to gain a more prominent name. To let you take a peek into what’s in store of our solution, listed below are the features.

Live score- The app feature lets people know the live score of the tournament they are participating in to drive the confidence of the user.

Daily and seasonal matches- Users won’t have to wait until they can participate in the seasonal matches. Instead, they can join in any number of games they want.

Prediction-based games- To induce curiosity and thrill in users, the app lets users predict the match score by placing bets. Based on this result, they will get rewarded.

Sports quiz- It will help the user to gain knowledge regarding the particular sport they are interested in.

Live chats- Using this feature, the users can communicate with co-players and discuss the metrics of the match.

I hope that this will attract you enough to begin the Fantasy sports app development. If you are ready, give us just a ring!