How to create a dating app

Tinder is a world-famous mobile app that has become so thanks to usability, simplicity of concept and cool design.

After all, what could be simpler than viewing random photos of people, and if you liked someone, then swipe to the right, if you didn’t like it, then swipe to the left. This approach allowed Tinder to cover a niche in the dating market and become one of the most popular and sought after applications.

The first step in your job of creating an application like Tinder should be market analysis. As a result, you should get answers to key questions:

  • Who is your target audience? Who are you targeting?
  • How can you fill out the application with people profiles? Keep in mind that this must be real.
  • What are the actions in various force majeure and unpleasant situations? For example, a girl may complain that someone is trying to chase her.
  • What is the way to monetize your dating application? Think about the various premium features.
  • What strategy do you need to build in order to succeed in the long run?

Developing a dating application is a pretty expensive idea. Therefore, the final cost is one of the main issues. It all depends on your goals, ambitions, and budget.

Think about what platform you are going to create the application for: iOS or Android, or from the very beginning to adapt the application for both operating systems. The functionality of the application and its design are the most important components that fundamentally affect your future product.

We recommend contacting specialized software development companies. These guys have all the necessary resources and tools to ensure that your startup starts successfully.