The scope of ecommerce doesn’t just extend to Amazon and eBay. These are names we commonly come across while reading articles and listening to the news. A deeper look will show that the world of online retail has many different segments that are not visible on the surface.

One of those segments is WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that allows users to turn their simple website into an ecommerce store. Many entrepreneurs in the online retail game use WooCommerce to sell their products.

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Like most WordPress plugins, WooCommerce also operates seamlessly and allows instantaneous conversion of a WordPress website to an ecommerce store.

Rise of M-Commerce and the Need to Leverage Mobile Apps

The future of ecommerce lies in mobile. The numbers tell the same story. By 2021, mobile ecommerce is expected to account for over 75% of all online retail sales.

The best way to master m-commerce is developing and promoting a mobile app. The real obstacle here is converting an ecommerce store running on WooCommerce to an Android or iOS app.

How does one go about this process?

Most entrepreneurs running a WooCommerce store don’t have a lot of experience in programming. Is there a way to convert a store into a mobile app using a WooCommerce to Android app builder?

The Solution

Using an app builder is a solution. They are designed for people who want to create apps but don’t have any knowledge of programming.

Here is how an app builder can help –

  • Expedites the app development process many times over
  • Allows users to make an app without writing a single line of code
  • Saves a lot of money. App development costs a lot of money and not every WooCommerce user can pay such a price
  • Takes away the hassle of dealing with app development agencies and developers. Good app builders ensure that a single user can create a stable app without an entire team of developers
  • Allows personal vision to take centrestage. Since users are in control of the process, they can create an application that directly complements their vision and goals. Communicating these ideas to an agency or a team of developers can be difficult

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Choosing the Right App Builder

There is no dearth of app makers. The plethora of options is enough to confuse prospective users.

The best way users should think about this process is considering their overall goal.

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Let’s assume the goal is to transport the experience of a WooCommerce website to a mobile app. If this is the goal, users must find a WooCommerce to Android app builder, and one for iOS if they wish to reach Apple users.

The right choice is always subjective and a factor of a user’s objective.


This piece covers how app makers are a great solution to converting a WooCommerce site to a mobile app without coding.  The main challenge for users is finding the right app builder.

AppMySite is a unique app building solution that allows users to convert their WordPress and WooCommerce sites to mobile apps. Users do not need to know any programming language to use it. Furthermore, they can develop and test their app for free on the platform.