This is a special post by the filmmaker Robin Schmidt, whose series “Choosing an Online Video Platform” he is conducting today has caused controversy. Next time you see millions of views, you might wonder where some of them come from! This is not to say that I am advising filmmakers to cheat, but No Film School is committed to sharing tools that may help filmmakers succeed, and even with “knowledge to know”, the ability to hack YouTube is definitely worth a try. You will never adopt this strategy. Without further ado, here is Robin: BUY YOUTUBE VIEW

The Changing Face Of Online Video

In the last two issues of this article, I talked about the rapidly changing face of online video. It splits at a vicious speed, ruthlessly leading us to the point where our TV and computer screens are no longer effectively split. This is the key part of the whole puzzle because it removes the boundary between traditional media consumption (remote) and frivolous, multi-touchpoint churning consumption (mouse and keyboard), which is a characteristic of our online consumer media. I think this is very important for us as content creators because our goal is not only to create but also to cultivate audiences for our work. With the merger of television and the Internet, the potential audience suddenly increased, which provided us with a democratic and fully feasible way to become a broadcaster.

As the audience increases, so does the income potential and everything else that comes with it. Except for lunch breaks, many people don’t watch a lot of videos online at all. Smash the line between their computer and TV, and then suddenly start the game. This will not take long. TVs already have built-in applications for this purpose, and as always, those who are brave enough to realize the opportunity as early as possible will flourish, and this way will not be followed by anyone. It’s a bit like the Old West, where I can see our great golden opportunity. You only need to do your homework. (((All these need to pay attention to, this is the issue of network neutrality, I will not discuss it here, but it may destroy the foundation of establishing the network).


Now, causing some controversy. Cheating Yes, you can cheat on YouTube. There are many websites, such as VivoViews,, and, which can sell you YouTube views. what! ? ? ? Yes, you can buy them. Not only that, you can also specify the speed of acquiring them, purchase subscribers, purchase channel views, comments, likes, friends, and the entire work. It’s not particularly expensive: $5,000 is exchanged for $10. It takes a long time for them to get there, but in reality, there are not so many. Of course, you can deliver them faster than they can, but it will cost more. A quick 1,000,000 views will cost you $12,000. If that shocks you, it really shouldn’t. YouTube is a game, and like all games, it is very likely to cheat. If the number of videos is small, then they are likely to be real. If they are very high, they may be driven by the services listed above.

This is a true fact of YouTube, no need to worry because you can also play together. Are you willing? Collecting all the views on your own will require a lot of energy and resources, as I have already mentioned if no one else is watching, then the viewer will not watch the video. Following sheep collectively is extraordinary, and we all feel guilty about it. Reserve a budget for early audiences through one of these services, which can make you even more powerful. If you have $12,000 in free money and can break through 1,000,000 views overnight, you will soon see your video on the homepage of YouTube, and there will be many people watching your work. This is the real point, pull them in and hold. If you don’t have something other people can see, and you want them to invest in your work, there is no need to pay for ridiculous quick browsing.

The next question, it even works. Okay, yes. how could I know? Okay, what do you think? I would like to know what will happen if I pay for the video to watch. It’s absolutely impossible to quantify whether you’ve actually received all the fees you paid, but there’s no doubt that the number of views I’ve seen will definitely skyrocket. Subscribers show up, but they don’t have an avatar, which often reduces their credibility. The comment is written from the stock list, it looks idiot and a waste of time. You can always send them out as spam, but it’s really not worth it. Videos with many views but few comments are always suspicious.