The byju’s app allows you to gain knowledge from the best Indian educators through fascinating video exercises. This app has changed the whole learning process to an E-learning platform for the students by covering various courses. This E-learning app like byju’s has seen a high rise in recent years and has generated more revenue for entrepreneurs.

What is the byju’s app?

The byju’s app is an E-learning platform with professional tutors to assist students with their preferred courses. They provide online educational videos and conduct various tests to make students gain more knowledge. The syllabus is developed in a visual form to quickly understand that particular subject by allocating a separate tutor for them. 

How does this byju’s app work?

The Byju’s app is intended to sell their online courses to students with a tutor to assist them personally. This E-learning app can be built with E-learning software or some coding experience. The cost of each course differs from one another. The app can be created by giving to a development team rather than doing it on your own by making mistakes, wasting time, effort, and money.

Advantages of byju’s app:

  1. Price will be comparatively cheaper than tuition classes.
  2. Students can learn anytime and anywhere.
  3. Students can learn with fun.
  4. Highly qualified tutors.

Features of byju’s app:

  1. Engaging video lessons.
  2. Personalized learning journey.
  3. Mapped to the exact syllabus.
  4. In-depth analysis and unlimited practices.
  5. Parents connect.


Summing Up

The E-learning app development has brought considerable changes in recent years for students. This app has helped many students of different classes in their studies. The app is developed in such a way for students to understand the concept clearly by saving their time and money. For creating an E-learning app like bujus at a reasonable cost, reach out to the Appdupe development team.