Airbnb is a digital platform that serves as a marketplace for travelers. The property owners on this platform are known as hosts, and they can rent their spare villa, garage, apartment, office space, etc. It is currently being operated in 190 countries. It is extremely popular with travelers as it offers options to reserve lodging at low prices and accessibility to local properties. 

Airbnb basically offers two applications: traveler’s app and the other for landlords (property owners). It provides a plethora of useful features to enhance the user experience on the platform. The app is optimized to suit modern customers’ needs and is designed with the user’s perspective. Here is how it offers a win-win situation for every stakeholder involved in the business.

Property owners:

  • Has the advantage of renting spare rooms or properties. 
  • Get the Airbnb cover for every property.
  • Can get free photoshoots at their properties.


  • Can easily book rooms within the locality.
  • They can choose from a wide range of properties.
  • They can choose the destination to get a list of accommodations available.


  • They take care of the process booking for the travelers.
  • They provide a proper framework for the ranking of properties on the platform. 
  • Offers insurance for travelers and properties.
  • Proper analyses of the travelers and hosts will be done to ensure their safety.

The primary question remains unanswered, “how to build an app like Airbnb?”. Here are some steps for a productive and successful app development that you might find useful.


Before getting started with the development process, you need to have a business strategy. Look for ideas in the market and develop your concept into a feasible business strategy. 


Approach your ideas and business strategy with a clone app development team. Get to know them as you need to work closely with them to build a successful application. 


Ensure that your app is designed with the user’s perspective in mind. The interface of your Airbnb clone app should be simple and easy to use. Make sure that your customers get a premium user experience. 


Add exclusive features in your app to improve the user experience. Do not make any compromises on the quality of your application for cost. 


Ensure that your app goes through a series of testing iterations to clear the bugs. The users should not experience any glitches or hiccups while using the app.