The coronavirus pandemic has pushed every industry towards its downfall as almost every sector faced a never-seen-before loss. On-demand service apps have helped several businesses to sustain themselves in the market. With the introduction of on-demand telemedicine apps, people are able to book doctor appointments conveniently. These apps have significantly helped several patients to get doctor consultation during this pandemic as people were confined indoors. 

Now that doctor appointment booking apps have become the need of the hour; several entrepreneurs have started to step into this sector. When it comes to the app development process, it is essential to integrate user-centric features into the solution to transfigure your efforts into monetary gain. Here are some of the features that you shouldn’t miss on your on-demand Practo clone app.

Optimized search filters:

People should be able to filter through the plethora of services on a platform to avail their necessary services. They should be able to sort the results based on location, expertise, fees, availability, and other factors. 

Booking and managing appointments:

Users will be able to select from a massive range of medical professionals from the app. The users will have control over the time and date of their appointment; thereby, you will be able to optimize the platform according to user convenience.

Calendar synchronization:

As people live amid busy schedules, they can easily forget necessary appointments. By integrating an in-app calendar, the users will be able to keep track of their upcoming doctor appointments. 

Multiple payment options:

Ensure that your Practo clone app is optimized with multiple payment options to ensure hassle-free transactions for the users. By integrating popular payment options on your platform, you will be able to cater to a broader set of audiences.