If you are an entrepreneur looking for opportunities to start an on-demand grocery delivery business, this is the article you need. You can get in-depth knowledge about the revenue models in this business and its massive scope in the on-demand services sector. A bigbasket clone app is proven to be a strong asset of the grocery business as it establishes a strong online presence and boosts the overall revenue significantly. 

Revenue models in on-demand grocery delivery business:

Commission fee:

Commission fee is one of the highest sources of revenue for any on-demand service app. You can offer a common platform (marketplace) for grocery delivery. Supermarket owners can enroll on your app to sell their products. You can charge for every product a customer buys from supermarkets via the application. The commission fee will be charged based on the number of products bought by the customer and the bill amount. 

Increase in product sales:

Modern shoppers prefer to get essential things delivered to their doorstep. Thereby, customers will order more products from your supermarket if you have an online platform that offers door deliveries. Hence it boosts your overall revenue and adds value to your brand in the market.

Marginal cost price:

In the bigbasket clone app you can also choose to sell products directly from the warehouse. You need not have a brick and mortar shop to sell groceries online. Hence you can add a small marginal price for every product before selling them. You can also categorize products as organic, fresh, hybrid, etc., to attract your customers. You can also choose to offer occasional discounts and promotion to catch the attention of your customers.


Advertisements are a strong strategy to earn money especially for online based businesses. You can allocate a space in your app’s interface for third party ads and charge for them. You can also offer various options for the supermarket owners to boost their visibility in the app. The customers will get a particular supermarket name at the top of their search results every time they look for a product. Thus it is a win-win situation for both parties, as the supermarket owner can increase his sales and you can charge for it. 

Wrapping up:

Having an on-demand app for your grocery business is essential to strive in the market, especially during this pandemic situation. On-demand grocery delivery companies are reporting a massive surge in their user engagement. Experts predict that the sudden increase in usage of grocery delivery apps is a positive sign for these platforms. They conclude that the trend is here to stay and will increase in the forthcoming years.