Ever since the pandemic started, people are staying indoors as much as they can. Employees are working from home, and on-demand services are on the rise. Hospitals saw a drop in patients, as most of them are turned into COVID care centers. A majority of hospitals have started to offer telemedicine services to continue serving their patients amid the pandemic. Telemedicine apps let users connect with doctors via video calls for consultations and prevent exposure to the fatal virus. The trend of adopting telemedicine apps have gained traction in recent years. People can now get professional medical services from anywhere instead of self-medicating. 

Telemedicine apps can help people in rural areas to get professional medical services to their location instead of traveling miles for a healthcare center. In some countries, there is a massive gap between the number of doctors available to its population, and so everyone is not getting the right treatment. Telemedicine apps can help to balance this gap in a significant way by connecting people with doctors effectively. These apps can support the health care infrastructure as an ideal solution in this pandemic. 

Although Practo has been in the market for more than a decade, people started showing interest in it recently. Several healthcare providers have begun to adopt this model to boost their revenue and to reach more users. Since the onset of the pandemic, telemedicine apps are witnessing a surge in their usage and revenue. Owning to the intuitive user interface and availability of professional services, more people have started to use these apps. The doctors on the app will go through a series of screening processes. The admin team will check for the authenticity of the documents submitted by the doctors and expect to have strict quality standards. 

If you are an entrepreneur with plans to enter this sector, getting a Practo Clone Script will be the smart move. You can customize it to meet the needs of your customers and handle the surge in requests effortlessly. By onboarding more doctors, you will be able to provide equitable access to quality healthcare for everyone and boost your revenue. Enable interactions in native languages to attract more users. Building a continuum of online healthcare requires a patient-centric interface and effective business strategies. Not only Practo, but several e-health startups have also started offering on-demand healthcare services to assist patients around the clock.