With the growing interest of people to opt for on-demand food delivery services, this is the right time to launch your app. Developing an app like UberEats will cost you twice the price of UberEats clone script. Here is the basic cost for each UberEats clone app packages:

  • Basic Package $ 3,459
  • Standard Package $ 6,999
  • Premium Package $ 12,999

UberEats clone is a great way to boost your business venture. It has an immeasurable 

spark that brings a great reputation to your business. The success in this business is determined by the exclusive features that you include in the application and the user-friendly service. You should research a lot about the competitors in the market and learn more about their drawbacks.

People love on-demand food delivery apps for their comfort and flexibility. They would not like to use a sophisticated application. They need an app that just does its job easily with a few taps on their smartphone. Every user will expect a premium experience and seamless navigation on the application. This app will help your business to reach more customers and to get tremendous profits. The UberEats clone script will come loaded with four apps for different uses and each aspect is a boon.

The customer side app will come loaded with the following features to enhance their user experience. 

  • Registration or Sign in
  • Live map location
  • Advanced search options
  • Advanced filer options 
  • Payment choices
  • Wallet options
  • Promos and coupons
  • Rating and reviews

The driver side application will have the following features to serve customers better in 

every possible way:

  • Registration or Sign in 
  • Verified driver
  • Profile management
  • Trip management
  • Online/ Offline mode
  • Earning management
  • Map feature
  • Ratings and reviews

The restaurant side application creates a win-win scenario for both parties. The entrepreneur can gain 

immensely from the application and restaurant owners can also use the app to boost their sales. The following are the functionalities that enhance the restaurant side application.

  • Registration or sign in 
  • Verified restaurant
  • Order management
  • Payout management
  • Promos and coupons
  • Craft your menu
  • Ratings and reviews 
  • Preparation time

The admin side application can be used to control function in the business effectively. The application is intelligently designed to micro-manage every single aspect of the business. The following are the functionalities of the admin side application. 

  • Eater management
  • Restaurant management
  • Driver management
  • Promos and Coupons
  • Owe money management
  • Manage issues
  • Cancel reason
  • Penalty management

There are several ways to monetize your business. These are proven strategies that will work irrespective of the geographical location. One of the main sources of revenue of the commission fee that you can charge from your restaurant partner. Sometimes restaurant owners will ask you to promote their business to boost their revenue. Customers will find their restaurants in the first place among the search results so the chances are high for a customer to place an order. Delivery fees also contribute to the revenue of the industry in a significant way. Without any skepticism get in touch with a development team to launch your on-demand food delivery app.