In an ideal world, all best things are free and business yields profit. Well, that’s not an ideal world, and the best ecommerce website costs an arm and a leg. Sorry, folks, it’s either freebies or bucks!

Meme. They say, best things in life are free. They also say, you get what you pay for.

And it’s okay as long as the cost of a Magento website is explicit enough. But since you’re here, I bet you need more clarity. Transparency is a key to trustworthy ‘client – vendor’ relations. And it’s one of our core values here at CodeTiburon. Which means we’re here to help.

Magento is a leading e-commerce platform for online stores big and small. It wins by all-round flexibility and utility. Whether you go for a free or paid version, you want transparency. Do you need all you’re paying for? Below, we’ll give the time and cost estimates for the basic and custom Magento store projects with Ukrainian developers. We’ll also break down the expenditures and teach how to stay cost-efficient.

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