It doesn’t matter how challenging the competition is; an innovative idea will always make its way to the top. TikTok is inarguably the best example as it took the world by storm with its innovative solution. YouTube is considered the pioneer of video-sharing platforms, and any other app can directly challenge it. However, TikTok’s idea of sharing short duration videos was loved by every user. The app was previously known as Musically, and its concept of creating 15-second videos took the app market by storm. 

The app was gradually updated with video editing tools, AR filters, and modern features to cater to modern consumers’ requirements. As the success of TikTok spread worldwide, the race to build a TikTok clone solution began among enthusiastic entrepreneurs. As video-sharing apps’ monetary potential is high, entrepreneurs could not miss this opportunity to streamline its benefits. To get an in-depth understanding of the TikTok app, consider it a two-sided app that brings viewers and creators together onto a platform. 

Viewer side:

If you love to kill time by watching short videos of humor, thrill, adventure, comedy, pranks, dance, music, animation, then this side of the app is for you. You can scroll through the platform’s endless content and share it with your friends. You can like and comment on the video and can also follow the creator. You can also explore new content on the platform by searching the creator’s name, hashtags, and locations. In order to view the content, you need to register an account on the platform. The registration process will be simple as social media plugins will be integrated into the app.

Creators side:

The Creator side of the app is for people who are intrigued by the opportunities and exposure offered by TikTok. The creator side of TikTok will be integrated with simple video editing tools to play around with their creations and AR filters to enhance their user experience. Every TikTok clone app in the market will be loaded with lucrative features for creators to shoot and post their videos seamlessly. The creators can choose from an ocean of soundtracks on the platform and also choose to upload their own audio. They can also switch between public and private profiles to limit their audience. Having a private account will give control over their audience; therefore, only their followers have access to their videos.