How Does Instagram Clone Script Generate Revenue For An Entrepreneur?

Instagram provides wholesome entertainment for people by enabling them to share and post their photos and videos. Instagram has gained around 1 billion active users making it the most preferred social media apps among people. The rapid popularity of Instagram has influenced many entrepreneurs to develop their Instagram clone by customizing with unique features.

An Instagram clone will look like a replica of the original Instagram with unique features. The Instagram clone will adversely provide a forum for people to share their photos and videos. Apart from that, many commercial firms approach your Instagram clone app to advertise their products, resulting in a good income. This is one way of gaining income from the app. But there are many ways to generate revenue.

How to monetize your Instagram clone app?

An app like Instagram is more prevalent among youngsters and is mainly used by celebrities to communicate with their followers. So, it will be a great platform to advertise and promote products among people.

Sponsored posts

The sponsored posts look like ordinary posts but with a tag in them. Through these sponsored posts, you can earn more revenue from your Instagram clone script.


The best way to earn money is by advertising products in the app. Many retail brands will approach to advertise their products. According to the reach of the product and duration of the ad, you can charge money from the brands.


Through Instagram clone, you can allow individuals to play their video advertisements in stories that the followers can view when scrolling through the stories.

Summing up,

Instagram is emerging as the most popular social media platform among people. Entrepreneurs can also consider the growth of Instagram and start developing their Instagram clone app with distinctive features.