As the world is moving towards the peak of the digital age, the advent of on-demand service apps has significantly changed peoples’ lifestyle. We have come to a point where operating businesses without an online presence will not make sense anymore. Building an on-demand ride-hailing app like Careem for your business will help in establishing your brand instantly in the market. 
Developing an app from scratch will cost you more and will have more risks of potential bugs. It’s better to go with white label clone apps as it costs less and has minimum risks of bugs. Here is the basic workflow of every on-demand ride-hailing app in the market. 
The workflow of an on-demand ride-hailing app:
User-side app:
  • Customers will have to register their profiles on the platform to start accessing the services.
  • After the registration, they need to fill out their basic profile details.
  • Customers can now start booking rides on the app.
  • The users should enter the drop and pick up location on the search box to look for cabs.
  • Once their ride request is accepted, the users will get the drivers’ details and real-time location.
  • The driver will arrive on time and pick up the passenger.
  • After the commencement of the ride, the customers will be asked to rate/review their experience. 
Driver-side app:
  • The registration process for drivers will be the same as users, but they will be asked to submit documents of proof for verification.
  • After getting approved from the admin team, the drivers can start accepting user requests.
  • On accepting a user’s ride request, they will get name, phone number, and pick up location. 
  • The drivers can contact the users to get directions if required. 
  • After the commencement of a ride, the drivers will get their share from the overall fare directly to their account. 
  • The drivers can also provide ratings after every ride.
Admin panel:
  • The admin team can log in with appropriate credentials.
  • They can manage and monitor the entire business process. 
  • They will have access to every customer and driver profile. 
  • The admin team can generate business reports from the analytics, and it can be helpful to identify the potential areas of development.
  • The admin team will also check for the authenticity of the documents provided by the drivers and approve them. 
Cost of developing an app like Careem:

The cost of developing your app like Careem will depend on the following factors: 

  • Number of features. 
  • Technology and tools used.
  • Native/cross-platform development. 
  • Time taken to develop the app.
  • Resources required. 
In a nutshell:

Here a professional clone app development company to get the best solution for your business needs. Before stepping into the app development process, it is critical to understand every component in the on-demand ride-hailing sector. Although you are not a technical person, it is vital to learn about the tech stack that goes into developing your app. As the demand for convenient riding solutions keeps increasing in the market, now would be the perfect time to kick start your business.