An HP printer error message “Ink / Print Cartridge Evaluation” can appear on a variety of Envay 5055, Deskjet, and Envy inkjet printers. An ink cartridge evaluation error message means your HP printer simply cannot read the black or color ink cartridges. You need to check the little metal strip you can see here will be exactly the same for the black and colored cartridges. You will learn the process of killing this kind of error code as soon as you get HP service from our skilled technicians. They are adept at managing all kinds of HP printers that see a fault. If you somehow understand in a specialized field, you can also solve this barrier yourself.

Error message “HP Envy 5055 ink cartridge” from an HP printer

Measures to receive an HP printer ink / cartridge evaluation error message
But there is no final process for removing this error message in the source. I’d like you to go through all the items and check if the message “Ink Cartridge Evaluation” disappears at the end of each one. Therefore, look correctly at the points below and follow them.

Method 1: Thoroughly evaluate the message in the HP software
As indicated above, for several HP printers, the “Rate Cartridge” message may appear when the printer determines that the black or color ink cartridge is exhausted. Therefore, it is recommended that you use genuine HP cartridges and remanufactured capsules to overcome this barrier. Therefore, take some time to confirm the message on the computer screen and make sure that the program is not giving you the option to continue printing.

Method 2: Check that both cartridges are in the correct position
The capsules used in HP printers are very similar and you would be forgiven for confusing them during their installation. To make sure both cartridges are inserted in the correct format to receive cartridges for replacement position, and to analyze the cartridge and its surrounding region.

Method 3: Evaluate the ink cartridge codes for compliance
Each HP printer requires a few specific ink cartridges to both recognize and pick up from the printer. There are two main types of cartridge detection codes. As soon as you have the correct codes, simply check the lid of your capsules to make sure the cartridge is correctly positioned on your printer.

Method 4: Check / wipe cartridge contacts
It may be recommended to wash or inspect the contacts if no dirt is visible, and use an alcohol-based cleaning solution or bark rinse to remove any stubborn marks that would prevent the cartridge from being recognized.

Method 5: Clean the contacts on the printer
If the container contacts shown in the last step are sterile, these may be corresponding contacts existing in the printer that are hidden and thus prevent the printer from recognizing that the ink container is present. Holding the cartridge replacement position and turning the printer off, analyze the similar contacts that appear on the frame of this printer. Once they are in their specific place, use a cleaning method to ensure that these contacts are completely wiped clean. Several of these connections from your printers are slightly raised, so I advise you to be careful making sure no pieces of tissue remain in the printer.

Method 6: Try a different cartridge
Perhaps the inserts have a real electronic fault that cannot be detected by visual inspection. In this case, the only real action you need to take is try an additional ink cartridge. If you have an old cartridge and it is empty, try a different new cartridge (rather the real HP). It is highly recommended that you set up brand new ink cartridges and check if the error has gone away.

Hope you found the actual information here. However, if exactly the same error message is displayed on your computer monitor, choose HP Printer Service from our well-educated and proficient technicians without wasting any time. They will suggest useful solutions that will surely be powerful for you.