The digital age has pushed people to adopt on-demand service apps in every aspect of their lives. Telemedicine apps have made it possible for patients to get doctor’s consultation at an incredibly fast pace. It has simplified the traditional process by completely making it digital, and doctors will be able to treat a larger number of patients per day effectively. They are getting more popular everyday because of the multiple benefits it offers.

The integration of customer-centric features have made it popular among the modern users. Here are some of the main features of telemedicine apps:

Doctor and hospital search:
Patients can search for the hospitals in their vicinity or a particular doctor to get consulted. The hospitals and doctors on the feed will be shown based on the symptoms they enter.

Appointment booking:
Once the patient decides on a doctor, they can schedule an appointment. The doctor’s availability will be mentioned on the app and the patients can pick a slot accordingly. The doctors can choose to accept or reject the booking according to their preference.

In-app payment option:
The integration of multiple payment gateways makes it easier for patients to make payments on the platform. They will have a wide array of payment options like credit card, debit card, net banking, PayPal, etc to choose.

This is a must have feature on every on-demand app as it fulfills the purpose of getting essential services at user’s comfort. It lets doctors locate the patient’s location incase of meeting them.

Live video conference:
With live video conferences the doctors can easily address the patients. The patients can meet up with multiple medical professionals and discuss at the same time.

Patient and doctor profile:
Before using the app the users will be asked to register their account. They will be asked to enter their details and it will change depending on whether they are patients or doctors. Doctor’s will be asked to enter their valid identification proof and it will be verified by the admins. The patients will be asked to enter their name, gender, height, weight, blood group and other basic medical information.
Telemedicine apps are the future of the healthcare sector as it helps to make lives healthier. Several entrepreneurs are entering this sector to get their slice of the market with a Practo clone app. It is one of the best ways to grow their medical business in the on-demand sector.