Telemedicine apps are highly anticipated to be the next big thing in the healthcare sector. As the prominence of on-demand service apps is rising in the market, customers expect a business to have an online presence or platform. Telemedicine is proven to make healthcare more accessible for people living in remote areas and reduce travel costs. The primary objective of building these apps is to enhance the quality of medical services for every patient and make sure that they get it on time. For instance, a patient can get in touch with a heart specialist or nutritionist at any time of the day, over video calls. Here are some of the advantages of having a telemedicine app:

  • Patients need not have to spend their money on commuting. They can save travel and parking costs. Instead of getting stranded in traffic jams, they can quickly get doctor consultation via the application.
  • The patients can schedule an appointment with the medical professional whenever they prefer. As it takes only a matter of minutes to get a consultation, they can also get connected with a doctor during their lunch hours or break time at their workplace.
  • These apps are simplified to the elementary level so that anyone can easily use the app.
  • The app is targeted at patients, and so the developers will make sure that the app is minimalistic.
  • These apps will also be useful for doctors as they can improve their overall productivity 

efficiently. Instead of sitting at hospitals during their idle hours, they can work whenever they prefer. They will also be able to attend more patients compared to the traditional method of visiting hospitals. 

Despite this potential, telemedicine apps have not garnered much attention a few years back. Lack of awareness seems to be the major problem as people do not have enough knowledge about the existence of such apps. Another setback is that people assume these platforms are expensive. But the reality seems to be the other way around as they only have to pay as much as for a routine visit. A lot of people still prefer to see doctors in person and do not believe in the efficiency of these platforms. 

But experts believe that a change in tide is not far, we will see in the next few years. The COVID-19 pandemic has boosted the use of telemedicine apps as people are confined to stay indoors. More entrepreneurs have started to develop their own zocdoc clone apps to grab their slice of the market.