Propose Day Ideas To Best Express Those Three Magical Words!

Those three words might sound regular and basic on a daily basis, right? How about celebrating it on a very special day? Yes, the second day of the love festival is dedicated to celebrating the words that bind love together. 

On the 8th of February, love birds and married couples whole-heartedly spread those three magical words in the air that makes the day worth cherishing for life.

Amid all the zest, here comes the stressful part! An idea that makes the day super special. Well, with Truly Madly at your rescue, do not worry about making your love life special. Let our experts do it!

Here, we have shortlisted some very unique propose day ideas for husband and wife you can take cue and help from. Have a look!


  • Bake A Cake With A Super Special Love Note On It

 Nothing can suffice for the love that is mingled with your hard work and precious time. You must have uttered those three love words for an end number of times to your partner, but the feeling like it’s the very first time will come now!

Get the ingredients, look for the best cake recipe, wear your apron, and let the world’s best cake load. It might not be the yummiest of all, but baked with all your love will make it yummylicious for both of you. For a twist, add the shortest love note on the cake like “You Mean The World To Me” or whatever you wish to.  

  • Surprise At Favorite Restaurant 

 Are you both big-time foodies and proud of it? How about merging it with the love celebration?

Plan a little for the day and propose day happiness will reach the zenith of zest. Convey your idea to the chef, and that beautiful soul with magic in hands will take care of the rest.

The idea is to arrange the food uniquely with some fun element like salad in a heart shape; Will You Marry Me Written With Ketchup or anything that comes out of the very talented chef’s head.


  • Relive The Best Day Of Your Life

It has to be the day he proposed to you or you proposed to him, right? Well, how about reliving it for one more day and feeling exactly like you did years ago.

Start with looking for a perfect ring and take your time in settling for the one that just feels right. Now take a trip down memory lane and recall everything that happened on that day. The last step is to recreate everything. We bet it will feel magical and fresh!

Without giving it an ounce of doubt, just go with one of the ideas and let the day load with love, happiness, lots of blushing, and lots of smiles!