We hope you made the most of the past few days and celebrated all the elements of love with zeal and joy. Moving on and shifting our focus to this very warm element of love, time to celebrate the hug day. A hug is the purest form of physical expression, and when it comes from someone who you love the most, the feeling is very special. The day must be sealed with lots of hugs, celebrations, gifts, spending time with your special someone, and making them feel special. 

12th of February: Time of the love festival where it is all about showing your feelings with a genuine gesture of hug. Take your partner in your arms and let them know what they mean to you. The hug might be a matter of a few seconds, but both physically and emotionally, it is the most soothing feeling in the world. It has the power of eliminating all the sorrows and giving peace. 

This special day needs something more special, right? If a gesture fails to say it all, let words help you. Select some beautiful happy hug day quotes and hug day wishes and send them to your partner. We are sure they will love it. Here’s a list of a few wishes and quotes! 

  • If there‚Äôs one place in the world where I can live without the internet, food, air, water, and luxury, it‚Äôs your arms. Your arms are my little magical world where I can live happily ever after. Happy Hug Day to the most special person in my life!¬†
  • You have the master key that can change my bad mood in seconds. It is a hug from you. The solace in your arms is magical. Always be my side, no matter what. Happy Hug Day, Sweetheart!¬†
  • Time for our souls to connect with each other. Let‚Äôs hug each other for hours. Happy Hug Day, Soulmate!¬†
  • Your hug might not turn around the things and make them correct. But it does give me the power to deal with them with positivity and strength. Happy Hug Day, my pillar of strength!¬†
  • The most expensive gift you can give me this hug day is a place in your arms. I promise I will keep it neat and clean with all the love I have in my heart for you. Happy Hug Day to the one who completes me and makes me smile every day!¬†
  • Every day I dream of waking up in the morning and filling you in arms. The day feels incomplete without you sleeping next to me. Happy Hug Day, Baby!¬†

These were six very cute happy hug day quotes and hug day wishes for you to make your lover feel special. 

Happy Hug Day, Everyone! 

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