Ride-Hailing business is growing worldwide. It is currently ruled by Uber, this company started from San Francisco and now operates worldwide. They have innovated and come up with an application that allows users to book taxis from their phones. This concept went popular, and developers and companies have started developing their uber clone app. This taxi booking application works on a simple algorithm, which is to connect the rider with the driver. Demand for taxis is increasing, Reason behind this is Huge fines, High car Maintenance cost and Insurance cost, Traffic. The taxi revolution started in the year 2009, till now it is growing rapidly and as per the survey projected number of Ride-sharing users will reach more than 600 million dollars by the year 2022. Young entrepreneurs and startups are taking this business as a future opportunity and want to invest in it. To compete with big names like ola, Lyft, Uber, they need to innovate and come up with a feature-rich app like uber. There are a lot of app developer teams and companies that have successfully created the application. Before investing in any app development, decide your target area of operations and budget you are willing to spend. If you are a startup, go for a ready-made uber clone script, as it is cheaper and has all the functionality like the original application.

How does the uber clone app works

  1. Users need to download the app from play store or app store. On successful login, users can choose from a ride now or schedule a ride option.
  2. All nearby drivers will receive a notification every time a ride request is placed.
  3. The driver has the option to either accept the ride or cancel it.
  4. If the driver rejects the ride request, the system automatically sends a notification to the next nearest available driver.
  5. On accepting the ride request, the user gets a notification with the driver’s name and current location. Also, Driver gets notified about the user pickup point and phone number.