Our completely customized local bitcoin clone script enables easy trading of cryptos with the leading fiat currencies. 

The functional structure in our platform is users have to finish the registration process to buy or sell cryptocurrencies, placing the ad for initiating trading on the platform, renegotiating the terms and conditions of the order with the respective counter-party, transaction confirmation by the seller which is followed by the release of the assets by the admin from the escrow wallet, and admin has the power to intervene in case of any disputes between the parties if there is a breach of the agreement. 

The features we ensure are two-factor authentication, an integrated multi-signature custodial digital wallet, spot KYC/AML verification of the users to establish a safe trading environment, social media login facility, real-time push notifications for sharing the latest alerts to enable timely decision making by the users, live price ticker, integration of multiple payment gateways, availability of a search and filter option, and a ratings and review system for improving the overall accountability of the platform. 

Call up our stupendous developer team and receive a market-oriented local bitcoin clone script sooner than later.