Long gone are the days when entrepreneurs aimed to offer one service through one smartphone application. With advancements in technology, it is now possible to offer more than just one service via a single smartphone software. This opens up the door to a vast sea of possibilities, and it is all the buzz in the app segment today.

Take a look at the successful top ranking companies that offer on-demand services via a smartphone applications. For example, Uber. They began as an app solely meant for providing cabs to commuters. And now, they have branched out into food delivery. Or take a look at Gojek for that matter. An Indonesia based multi-service offering company. They provide more than 50 services from within a single application.

Entrepreneurs who are just entering into this niche widely prefer using a Gojek clone app. But why? Because it offers a plethora of advantages over building a multi service on-demand app from scratch.

The advantages are,

– It comes with preloaded features, user interface and the business model of the original app.

– It is completely customizable and scalable

– It costs much lesser compared to the expenses entrepreneurs would have to incur if they built the app from the very bottom

– It gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to design and launch the app on stores within a short span of time.

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