Food delivery apps have become inevitable in this digitized world. A majority of the audience does not have time or energy to reach restaurants. Instead, with enhanced smartphone penetration, they can order their favorite cuisines with just a few taps and enjoy them from the comfort of their homes.

Apps like Foodpanda, UberEats, etc., have gained an irreplaceable position when it comes to popularity and audience. Are you an entrepreneur who aims to build a food delivery empire like Foodpanda? If so, this blog can be an eye-opener as it discusses the cutting-edge attributes that can make a Foodpanda clone app the talk of the town.

Multi-lingual support: Catering to a global audience is no easy feat, and multi-lingual support is an ideal way to enable users to access the platform in the language of their choice.

Contactless deliveries: As a measure to curb COVID-19 disease spread, it is wise to incorporate a contactless delivery option in your food delivery app. Eliminate any form of contact between delivery executives and customers by adopting zero-contact deliveries in your application.

In-app wallet: Enable users to pay swiftly for their food orders from the Foodpanda clone, eliminating the need to enter their account details every time during payment, with the aid of an efficient in-app wallet.

Advanced search bar: Let users stroll past numerous eateries and cuisines in the shortest time possible and arrive at their desired food items or restaurants with the help of an ultra-modern search bar.

Real-time analytics: Although an admin panel feature, this feature enables the admin to make informed decisions. The admin can generate detailed reports on various metrics like performance, sales, ratings, etc.


While developing an app like Foodpanda is easy, making it successful depends on a stern entrepreneurial mindset. Incorporate these cutting-edge features in your on-demand food delivery app, and make it the next big thing on the Internet.