Are you unable to do online payment through QuickBooks or QuickBooks payment is not working properly? Then this error may occur due to change in internet settings.

Sign of error:

You will get log in error blank screen, missing data as well you cannot generate invoice or process payment. Then this error may occur due to change internet setting and you need to fix it. For fixing this error go through the mentioned guide.

Solution 1: Clear the cookies and cache in Internet Explorer


This instruction is for window 10 user or don’t use internet explorer as a web browser.  But QuickBooks payment need internet explorer to connect to our services online.

  • Open Internet Explorer.
  • Click on the Gear icon for settings at the top right of the browser window
  • Now select Internet Options from the menu bar.
  • Then Go to the General tab. Under Browsing history, select Delete…
  1. Select the following to delete:
  2. Temporary internet files and website files
  3. Cookies and website data
  4. History
  5. Passwords
  6. Select Delete.
  7. Close the Internet Options window.
  8. Close Internet Explorer.
  9. Try to access QuickBooks Payments again.

If you have Microsoft edge in place of internet explorer, then follow these steps.

  1. Open Microsoft Edge.
  2. Select the button with three dots (…) at the top right of the browser window.
  3. Select Open with Internet Explorer.
  4. Follow the steps above to clear the cookies and cache.

Solution 3: Change the internet connection settings in QuickBooks

For QuickBooks Online

Open Internet Explorer.

  • Click on the Gear icon for settings at the top right of the browser window
  • Now Select Internet Options from the menu. Then, follow the steps below to change your internet connection settings.

For QuickBooks Desktop

Although you can change these settings directly in Internet Explorer, it’s best to do it from within QuickBooks Desktop. This ensures the new settings take effect in QuickBooks.

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop
  • Go to the Help menu and select Internet Connection Setup.
  • Select Use my computer’s Internet connection settings, then select Next.
  • Select Advanced Connection Settings… This opens the Internet Options window where you can change the settings described below.
  • Add Intuit as a trusted site
  • Change cookie settings
  • Change ActiveX Control settings
  • Update Trusted Sites settings
  • Change advanced security settings
  • Change pop-up blocker settings
  • Restart your computer

If you still run into problems with payments, move on to solution 4.

Solution 4: Change your firewall and security software settings

You may need to change the settings for your firewall or security software. Like other web-based credit card processing software, QuickBooks Payments requires a secure, uninterrupted connection to send and receive data.