Fintech apps- a top-notch financial service application

Fintech apps are financial service applications that develop financial apps like e-wallets, banking portals, payment gateways, etc. Fintech has reached US$55.3 billion in investments as of 2019. Fintech services will always be of need like money is still in demand. Fintech software development has a high scope. Using a fintech app, all the financial services are carried out smoothly.

Few key features of a Fintech app

1. Secure registration
The first and foremost process where the user logins in creates a profile. They can also link their bank accounts within the app. The app includes several options such as fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, OTP, and to ensure security.

2.Money transfer
Users can transfer money quickly to anyone from any part of the world. This has altered the way of money handling and transfer and catches the attention of many. Even business transactions are taking place quickly using these apps.

3. Pop-up alerts
Users will be intimated about their vital entities like ending bill payments, monthly spending reports, etc. This helps the user keep track of their finances.
All the transactions like credit and debit are also notified through push notifications.

4.Investment guidance and budget management
Investment tips and advice are provided in the app; this helps users maintain and invest their funds. The budget management section helps users spend within the maximum limit and notify them if they are exceeded. This allows users to prioritize their finances accordingly.

5. Chatbox assistance
The in-app chat option enables the customers to easily convey their queries and get it addressed with customer support.

A proper Fintech software development should involve technology stacks like jQuery, MySQL, Linux, Swift, Node, Kotlin, Flutter, Amazon web services, and Google cloud.

It can also use next-generation technology like AI, Blockchain technology, NFC protocol, POS system, Augmented reality, Prescriptive security, Automated robo advisor, and cloud service. These technologies will make the app forge ahead in the market.