• Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithm

ML and AI algorithms predict the users’ search tab response by prompting appropriate suggestions. It is easier for users to search as per their requirements using these advanced search technologies. These algorithms predict the results based on search history and past transactions.

  • Simple & straight forward usage

The app layout must be clear and understandable so that users can easily navigate through the application. Once the service is booked, the accurate ETA and fare must be displayed to plan things accordingly. 

  • Synchronized data

If the data is updated on one platform, it must be automatically changed in the other modes. So that users have the option to log in to any mode they prefer. 

Must-have features of Uber for movers app

There are three separate apps, such as users, admin, and professional services. Here are some of the essential features that are to be part of the Uber for movers app:

Users Panel

  • Social media login
  • Schedule booking
  • Push notifications
  • Geolocation
  • Movers Profile
  • Booking transaction
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Reviews and ratings

Movers panel

  • Accept/Reject requests
  • Customer details
  • Earnings Module

Admin Panel

  • Advanced analytics
  • Advanced reports
  • Employees and customer details
  • Responsive web panel
  • Heat view

Summing Up:

Movers apps have certainly been a preferable choice for people across the globe. Entrepreneurs can opt for an easier path by getting Uber for movers app form Appdupe. Visit our website to learn more about these solutions.