There has been an increase in the demand for on-demand services in recent years. It is not going to end anytime soon. Uber for movers app requires special features to capture users’ attention as they are several apps out there only the advanced apps among it stand a chance. 

Here are special features to include in the movers’ app:

  • 3D Layout: Customers often face difficultly about choosing the location while moving to a new place. They can decide the places to choose for placing objects beforehand through the 3D layout feature.
  • Heat Map: The heat map lays out the areas in which there are frequent customer requests. Depending on the demand, the service executive can be allocated.
  • Geo-fencing: Customers require quick and efficient service. Geo-fencing allows marking the operating boundary for service professional so that they will receive requests only that comes within the radius. This will increase the operational efficiency of the app.
  • Digital Invoice: The digital bills are sent to the customers immediately after service completion. It consists of details of distance travelled, pick up and drop off timing, items dispatched both its weights and specifications, etc. Customers will prefer an app for packers and movers that has transparent working.
  • Survey bookings: Moving goods is a complete process; it requires planning for effective execution. Service executives can schedule a date with the professionals beforehand and can plan the goods to move beforehand through it.

Only a selective few apps offer such amazing features, and Appdupe’s on-demand mover’s app development is undertaken by including all the salient features required to capture users; attention and it is definitely one of the most popular apps.