Hey there! E-commerce business has become the million dollar industry that business owners rush to invest in. At present times, people reckon e-commerce apps to fulfill their daily essentials. If you are keen in establishing your business in the e-commerce sector, we are here to help you with our solution.

Our multi-vendor e-commerce app like Target will best coincide with your business as it can accommodate any number of sellers and process the user’s request in the blink of an eye. Get to know the features we provide that will convince you to partner with us.

3D view– The app employs augmented reality that will enable the user to view products in a three-dimensional angle.

Live order tracking– The user can follow up with their orders via the real-time tracking feature.

Store pick up– Picking up orders directly from the nearest store is such a convenient option to users. Users can make their orders via the app and pick them up from stores.

In-app map– Drivers can reach the user’s location without any obstacles with the in-app map.

Estimated time of arrival– The app informs the user with the estimated time of arrival of orders as soon as they book their orders.

These are the must-have features in your Target clone. But you can always customize the features either by adding or deleting features according to preferences. 


Proliferating your e-commerce business by investing in the Target clone app development will bear you surreal benefits. Good luck for your future endeavors.