Enter Into Mobile Payment Business By Developing Paypal Clone

From not trusting online payments to never having to reach behind to get our wallets, fintech innovations have come a long way. The entrepreneurs of this industry have taken enormous strides in making mobile wallet payments the way they are today. Applications like Paypal have made it easy for users to make payments online, whether it’s to pay bills, recharge or send money to another person. Paypal suffered initial blows due to its lack of features and bad service. It took them years to become the successful fintech giant they are today.

However, their failures are our lessons, and the genius minds of Appdupe have perfected the solution for PayPal like app development. The Paypal clone script comes packed with a ton of features designed to progress in ushering the next generation of wallet payments. Check out these features of the Paypal clone script from Appdupe and see for yourself how your users will enjoy these amazing features.

Two-factor authentication
Users can add layers of security with this feature. There are several options such as fingerprint, face ID, google authenticator, etc., to prevent unintended entries into your account.
Share payment receipts
Payments transactions are generated in detail, and the receipts can be shared across different platforms. The transaction receipts are also accessible by the user in the app.
End-to-end encryption
The most dependable security standard is having data be encrypted before transmission and decrypted at the end of the reception. Protect your users’ classified data with this feature on your side.
Split bills
Users can split the bill among their friends instantly with this new feature. One person pays, and the others pay them using a link generated from the person paying the bill.

There’s more than enough exclusive features designed to get you on top of the game on Appdupe’s Paypal clone app.